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This has been a subject that has been touchy in most of the mainstream media lately, but in the porn world, its fun. It is the idea of teacher/student sex.  Most of the world thinks this is terrible to talk about. Many people feel as though it is the most disgusting thing ever. Some feel it is just a violation of all that is good in education.

Do you watch teacher student porn?

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Here, its one of the hottest taboo fetishes around. Many of the top studios in porn, including BangBros, Naughty America & others, have many teacher videos. Typically, the teachers are the top adult stars in the industry – the leads in the scene. Young guys or guys who are on the rise are the students being taught.

Why Teacher Porn Is Hot

Teacher porn in adult videos goes on the idea that everyone had that teacher they thought was hot. Many of the teachers now are going into the profession at a young age, right out of student teaching. The students, particularly in high school, are going through the time of puberty, & bodies are changing. Most times, that means that the sexual desires are going completely out of control. The students want to bang almost anything walking & an attractive teacher gives the fantasy.

Brooklyn Chase Teacher Porn

The beautiful Brooklyn Chase is featured in several teacher porn scenes available at Porn City XXX.

In teacher porn, the students are willing to do whatever it takes to get the grades up. The teacher makes a deal for the students to have some hot sex & if its good, the grades get higher. While yes, this is terrible in the real world, especially in today’s age, there is a group of people who do watch this & think, “why weren’t these teachers around when I was younger?”

Male teachers & female teachers are seen as untouchable by many students. They are seen as the ones with the power, and students will do a lot to get ahead. Typically, the students who really try to go after the teachers are the ones who are either 17 or 18 (depending on the state you live in).

Studios That Offer Teacher Porn

The most well known studios for teacher porn are Naughty America & Brazzers. Both of those have some of the hottest styles of teacher & student sex scenes available. Top stars featured include Julia Ann, Lisa Ann, Nicole Aniston, Phoenix Marie, Sara Jay & others.

This post is not to say that we condon underage relationships, because we don’t. That is absolutely wrong & those who are go to that level should not be employed.

It simply talks about the idea that porn understands the major issue going on here. If a student is 18 & older, why not make a run at the teacher? The interesting part of it is that it is a type of relationship that is very prevalent in today’s culture, but social media has opened it up much more than it would have been in the past.