Dating MILF & Cougar Women – Part 2

As we talked about yesterday, dating a MILF woman can be a rewarding experience. The women know what they want, very few games, and typically make amazing sex partners.

When thinking about dating a MILF or cougar woman, really have a conversation about the situation.  What type of conversation should that be? We will delve into that in this article.


MILF & Cougars Know What They Want – Make Sure Wants Match Up

In many relationships, when both people don’t know what they want, it can lead to breakup. This type of dating is no different. If you both aren’t in for the same reasons, there is going to be miscommunication. Of course, the miscommunication will lead to problems & eventually a breakup.

If you are both involved just for dating & fun, make sure you both know that. Cougars know they can get any guy they want because they have the confidence. The level of confidence that most MILF & cougar women have is normally much higher than a guys because they know they can attract any guy. Men, even though there is sometimes a hardcore bravado, don’t have the situation that easy.

Again, the dating doesn’t change much. The situation might be different, but communication is actually going to be far more important here. There are some cougars who are looking for a true younger love, which might be great if you are one of those guys who is really ready for love. There are some who just want to date & have sex when they want.

Both are okay, but again, just make sure both are on the same page.

Are you currently in a relationship with a MILF or cougar?

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Don’t Forget Chivalry On a Date

Guys, remember that if you are dating someone, it is still dating. The rules of dating still apply. There is still a courtesy to open doors, pull out chairs, and at least offer to pay for a dinner or a date.

Many MILF cougar women normally have their own money and don’t have a problem paying sometimes. That’s fine, but it is still good practice before you go into a dating situation to have your money together, or if you can’t pay for something, maybe suggest a date that may not be as expensive to the wallet.

One of the great parts of dating older women is that they truly value love, time together, and having comfort. If you are up for making a homemade dinner, having a movie night & having a great conversation, that could be a tremendous date already.

But if you are going out, just remember to be a gentleman, always. No matter what. (Quick edit – don’t be a dick and bring up age all the time. It could be uncomfortable and if you are thinking about it, it could make her think about it and it might be awkward).

MILF Cougar

Many hot mature MILF or cougar women have the same sexual drive that young men have, so don’t be afraid to be open about what you might want to try. You just might get more than you bargained for.

Start Off As Fun, But Could Be More

Let’s say you start off meeting on a site like a Tinder or another type of quick dating site. Maybe both of you are thinking that you will meet up for sex. The sex may become regular. You become close but you know its going to be just fun.

In some cases, there is a spark that can’t be denied. People want love no matter what. Even if someone has been scorned over, there is still the desire for love & tenderness. MILF & cougar women get this very well. Many are nurturers  – teachers. They will be open to showing off fun skills & tricks, as long as the guy is worth it.

If a  guy is a douche, he is going to be a douche. He wouldn’t be worth the time anyway for dating anyone. If the guy is a good dude, and wants to try something different, or has been hurt too many times by younger women, the fun could lead to something more, quite possibly a full relationship.

Many times (not all), if a guy has a job, no drama, and possibly his own place, he won’t have a problem taking on a relationship. In personal experiences, the situation has been that the women didn’t care if there was a job (always have had one), kids (none, whew) or other superficial things happening. Love & togetherness conquered all. Courtship was important. Truly showing they were beautiful & appreciated was important.

Just remember to keep your mind open to all possibilities.