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Recently, the team at Porn City XXX  made some major updates to the video website. We are proud to announce that we have full videos from one of the top interracial porn studios online – BLACKED. This studio brings out some of the most sensual interracial porn scenes online.

BLACKED Interracial Porn

The BLACKED studio features sensual, interracial scenes with some of the hottest porn stars in the industry. From Kendra Sunderland to Brandi Love, this studio brings out the best in the adult world. The scenes are shot in a very erotic, cultured feel. The lighting is always solid & has much more of a movie feel with solid storylines.

Porn City XXX features over 30 full BLACKED scenes available for viewing on the video site. The scenes are around 30-40 minutes in most cases, and will leave people wanting more. These scenes typically start off with a very elaborate layout, leading to the bedroom. The scenes move slow, but also with a great purpose.

Many people compare these interracial porn scenes to a version of Fifty Shades of Grey. Difference being that the fetish part is not a part of the equation.

Here are some of the featured scenes available at Porn City XXX in the category. More videos will be added over time.

BLACKED – Brandi Love – I Couldn’t Help Myself

Brandi Love

Sexy Brandi Love is featured in this hot adult scene where she could not help herself to some black cock in this XXX scene from Blacked.

In this scene, legendary adult star – Brandi Love – takes some serious black cock. She realizes her husband is away on a trip & no matter what, a woman like her can’t be taken forgranted. Furthermore, she was in dire need of some serious sex while he is gone.

Brandi Love sees one of her stepdaughter’s friends around & makes a move on him. When when a guy see a chance to be with this beautiful woman, no one can resist. When it is all finished, he has made major moves all over her.

BLACKED – Samantha Saint – No More Games

This scene shows people that even with having luxury, there is that desire for hot sex. Samantha Saint had that life. She has the rich husband, nothing to worry about in terms of financial burdens like many others. Furthermore, she knew that she had nothing to ever concern herself with that could put her comfortable life in danger.

Blacked Samantha Saint

Samantha Saint loves her husband, but needs more in the bedroom. In this BLACKED scene, watch her let her guard down & take on some BBC here in this interracial porn scene at Porn City XXX.

However, at a fundraiser, she connected with a young, rising R&B star. She had a few drinks & once that was completed, the inhibitions went away. However, Samantha experiences something that she hasn’t had before in this 40-minute scene. Most importantly, she gets the true desires out of her system & knows what it is like to be with a true, hung guy.

Blacked – Evelyn Claire – Our Little Secret

Evelyn Claire had an intense secret. She wanted her boyfriend’s roommate badly. She kept it under wraps for a long time. However, there were times when she couldn’t help herself when she would see him & his body. Furthermore, she had a good feeling that he could keep the situation quiet.

Blacked - Evelyn Claire - Our Little Secret

Evelyn Claire shows her love & hot desire for her roommate’s friend in this BLACKED interracial porn scene at Porn City XXX.

After staying the night with the boyfriend, Evelyn goes down the hallway to the roommate’s bedroom. She sneaks in, explains herself & he agreed to stay quiet. Furthermore, this BLACKED scene takes the dirty little secret to a whole different level. However, it means she may not use her boyfriend’s penis the same way again.

BLACKED – Ashley Fires – Right At My Fingertips

Ashley Fires always kept her head on business. Unless there was a client that catches her eye, then its becomes personal. No matter what, it was known that Ashley was professional & would do well by the company. However, her sex drive sometimes took over & things happened to make things interesting.

Blacked - Ashley Fires

See what happens when business becomes personal. Ashley Fires goes to see a client on behalf of her media company. When business is complete, she lets her feelings known in this BLACKED interracial porn scene at Porn City XXX.

It was clear that Ashley was going to get her fantasy to come true. Having a big black cock put deep inside of her. In this BLACKED scene, you see that entire fantasy becomes a hot reality.

BLACKED Interracial Porn Library at Porn City XXX

This category features hundreds of videos from this studio library featuring the hottest adult stars around. Moreover, there are videos of all lengths available that will satisfy that interracial porn desire.

More will be added as time goes on, but we want to know if your are a true fan of the BLACKED studio & want to see more of their content here.  Furthermore, it is important to us to know what our fans enjoy so we can keep giving the best content online.

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