Lisa Ann Gets Asked On Date – Chapter 1

Keep in mind, these stories are all fictional here. With that said, here we go with our first erotica story featured around one of our favorite adult stars, Lisa Ann.

Jim is a basic guy from Las Vegas. He isn’t into the gambling or other normal things that most Las Vegas people are. He loves to work out, take care of his dog and work with companies improving their SEO in Google.

His work schedule had a bit of a strain on his relationship. He was in a 7 year relationship with a great girl named Katie. Katie had two kids that Jim had become very fond of. Jim thought he was gaining the family that he always wanted, but wasn’t sure he would have the time to have. She had a good career & he enjoyed that both made their own money & there was never any stress.

Jim & Katie Relationship Issues

As they got into year six of their relationship, issues started to arise in many areas. The romance & the spark that was initially there was waning a bit. Issues with work, kids & a variety of issues came up that affected their love life.

Jim was always confident in his sex skills – he had a pretty large penis, & he was black so he always thought he had a good advantage in that area. Katie had a strong sex drive early in the relationship, but stresses of life started to kill the drive. Jim & Katie tried hard to make time for sex & fun, but regular life kept getting in the way.

As time went on, both started to drift apart from each other. They loved each other, but they both needed the physical spark. Both worked hard to save the relationship, but every time something would get planned, work, kids or other obligations would come up & frustrate both of them.

The End

Jim had gone to the gym one day, and Katie texted him that he needed to get home as soon as he could. He had no idea what was waiting for him, but it was very odd that Katie would have him come home quickly.

Trust was never an issue. Even during the toughest times, there was never any cheating & lying to each other. Both grew up with the honest goals of being loving, caring & completely faithful to each other.

As Jim walked through the door, his heart was about to come up out of his chest. Katie was sitting at the table with a drink in her hand. Her blonde hair & green eyes looking at Jim as if she knew the end was here.

The Conversation

“Jim, I don’t know if we can do this anymore,” Katie said in a low, defeated voice.

“What are you talking about? I thought everything was good, I thought we were working towards more of a future.” Jim said, a bit befuddled.

“We are trying, but we don’t have the passionate sex anymore. I love you, but I need the physical contact much more & it can’t happen with us.” said Katie.

“Ok. What can I do to make things better? Do I need to take some days off work & have a getaway for us?” Jim said.

“I just don’t think so. I don’t want you to stop life, you have built up a great home, great income, but I don’t know if a woman is in your future right now.”

As she is saying this, Katie & Jim both start to break down. She had spelled out the end. The defeat was coming at the speed of a race car with the thud of an anvil crashing through a floor.

“I love you, Jim. I really & truly do. You are a phenomenal guy, but there are some things I need, & right now, I can’t have that with you.” – Katie said in a strong voice, yet trying to hide back the emotions of what the words meant.

Moving On

After a night of talking with Katie about what worked & what didn’t, Jim realized that his 7 year relationship was now over.

He got a new condo within days & as he was moving his stuff to a new place, he was left trying to figure out what to do. His dating life was going to restart again, but he wasn’t ready for it. Jim loved Katie. He loved everything about her, and he was wondering if he took her too much forgrantted because of his work & life balance issue.

When he became settled into his new condo, and basically, his new life, he had a hard time letting go of the memories. He kept pictures, love letters, & other keepsakes of their relationship. He would make dinner & watch TV for months, just wondering if he needs to make a change in his life in order to bring a woman into the picture.

Jim’s new condo was in a resort community. The area had a workout area, golf course, basketball court, all kinds of different things that would allow Jim to stay active.  Once a week, he would go to the restaurant & have a drink after work with people from the community.

Dating Websites

Jim started going on different dating websites to find love. Whether it was Tinder, OkCupid, or Match, he wasn’t finding what he was looking for. He thought maybe he was asking too much in a new relationship, but he knew he wanted his next relationship to be one for marriage.

He found many needy people who didn’t meet his expectations. To be fair, Katie was gorgeous. She worked out, had an athletic body – a tall, volleyball player body. From a physical perspective, she was the perfect knockout woman. Jim thought he could find that same type of woman & love on dating websites.

Jim went on a few dates, but nothing really clicked. He had great sex with the women he met, but nothing was sticking. He knew he was physically attractive & had strong conversation, but something was missing.

Lisa Ann Erotica

Jim is going to ask out the hot adult star Lisa Ann. Will she accept?

While he was out with buddies one night, he saw a billboard, among the thousands on the Las Vegas strip, about Lisa Ann.  Jim was always a fan of Lisa Ann & her porn, but he didn’t think much about going to meet her at the convention that was coming up. He believed in keeping space & figured that he was 26 & she was 46, so what would they have in common?

Jim went home, and didn’t think about it again. As he was getting ready to watch some TV & go to bed to get ready for work, he saw a commercial for the adult expo that was coming into town and Lisa Ann was a featured adult star who was going to sign autographs & take pictures. Jim felt it was a special sign that he needed to go & check out what was going on.

Lisa Ann – Porn Star

Jim, like most men, was very familiar with Lisa Ann & her career. He would go on Pornhub, XVideos & other sites to watch some of her work, along with others. He always knew that he could watch her videos, get a massive hardon, and two-hand his cock to cum if Katie wasn’t around. Katie never knew that he watched porn; he would have clips & scenes on his smartphone he could watch in the bathroom or in the car.

Through different stories & interviews that Lisa Ann had done over the years, he knew she was single. She retired to go into sports & become a force in fantasy sports, which Jim was a big fan of as he grew up loving the Lakers, Dodgers & other Los Angeles teams, including USC sports.

Jim looked into some of the topics that would be discussed at the AVN expo. It was noted that she would be open to talk about sports & other topics even outside of just her porn life. While Jim loved watching porn, he didn’t always do well with speaking about it in public. Of course, having a hot girlfriend, there wasn’t much need to talk or think about it with Katie, especially early in the relationship.

Jim was getting laid enough that porn was the furthest thing from his mind. But that had changed & he needed a way to get that hot load of cum out. He needed that release at the end of the day, especially with work  & relationship stresses. Jim could take five minutes, find a good Lisa Ann porn clip, rub out one & be relaxed.

He knew he could go meet her, so he got the ticket to the event. $50 dollars later, he was definitely going down there.

But how was he going to make this really happen? How was he going to talk to one of the most recognizable adult stars in the history of the business?

Meeting Lisa Ann For First Time

Jim got a room at the hotel where the expo was going to be at. He knew traffic was crazy & he wanted to be one of the first people at the event. He got a very small group of flowers to present. Nothing over the top, but just as a peace offering.

His clothes were perfectly creased & pressed. He was going to look very GQ & stylish to meet someone who was only a fantasy just a few weeks ago. It was important to Jim to do something to make himself stand out a bit. Many of the fans there were going to drool & trip over themselves meeting Lisa Ann and other stars. He didn’t want to come off odd, but just as a guy asking a beautiful woman on a date.

(Chapter 2 Tommorow.)

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