Lisa Ann Gets Asked On Date – Chapter 1

Keep in mind, these stories are all fictional here. With that said, here we go with our first erotica story featured around one of our favorite adult stars, Lisa Ann.

Jim is a basic guy from Las Vegas. He isn’t into the gambling or other normal things that most Las Vegas people are. He loves to work out, take care of his dog and work with companies improving their SEO in Google.

His work schedule had a bit of a strain on his relationship. He was in a 7 year relationship with a great girl named Katie. Katie had two kids that Jim had become very fond of. Jim thought he was gaining the family that he always wanted, but wasn’t sure he would have the time to have. She had a good career & he enjoyed that both made their own money & there was never any stress.

Jim & Katie Relationship Issues

As they got into year six of their relationship, issues started to arise in many areas. The romance & the spark that was initially there was waning a bit. Issues with work, kids & a variety of issues came up that affected their love life.

Jim was always confident in his sex skills – he had a pretty large penis, & he was black so he always thought he had a good advantage in that area. Katie had a strong sex drive early in the relationship, but stresses of life started to kill the drive. Jim & Katie tried hard to make time for sex & fun, but regular life kept getting in the way.

As time went on, both started to drift apart from each other. They loved each other, but they both needed the physical spark. Both worked hard to save the relationship, but every time something would get planned, work, kids or other obligations would come up & frustrate both of them.

The End

Jim had gone to the gym one day, and Katie texted him that he needed to get home as soon as he could. He had no idea what was waiting for him, but it was very odd that Katie would have him come home quickly.

Trust was never an issue. Even during the toughest times, there was never any cheating & lying to each other. Both grew up with the honest goals of being loving, caring & completely faithful to each other.

As Jim walked through the door, his heart was about to come up out of his chest. Katie was sitting at the table with a drink in her hand. Her blonde hair & green eyes looking at Jim as if she knew the end was here.

The Conversation

“Jim, I don’t know if we can do this anymore,” Katie said in a low, defeated voice.

“What are you talking about? I thought everything was good, I thought we were working towards more of a future.” Jim said, a bit befuddled.

“We are trying, but we don’t have the passionate sex anymore. I love you, but I need the physical contact much more & it can’t happen with us.” said Katie.

“Ok. What can I do to make things better? Do I need to take some days off work & have a getaway for us?” Jim said.

“I just don’t think so. I don’t want you to stop life, you have built up a great home, great income, but I don’t know if a woman is in your future right now.”

As she is saying this, Katie & Jim both start to break down. She had spelled out the end. The defeat was coming at the speed of a race car with the thud of an anvil crashing through a floor.

“I love you, Jim. I really & truly do. You are a phenomenal guy, but there are some things I need, & right now, I can’t have that with you.” – Katie said in a strong voice, yet trying to hide back the emotions of what the words meant.

Moving On

After a night of talking with Katie about what worked & what didn’t, Jim realized that his 7 year relationship was now over.

He got a new condo within days & as he was moving his stuff to a new place, he was left trying to figure out what to do. His dating life was going to restart again, but he wasn’t ready for it. Jim loved Katie. He loved everything about her, and he was wondering if he took her too much forgrantted because of his work & life balance issue.

When he became settled into his new condo, and basically, his new life, he had a hard time letting go of the memories. He kept pictures, love letters, & other keepsakes of their relationship. He would make dinner & watch TV for months, just wondering if he needs to make a change in his life in order to bring a woman into the picture.

Jim’s new condo was in a resort community. The area had a workout area, golf course, basketball court, all kinds of different things that would allow Jim to stay active.  Once a week, he would go to the restaurant & have a drink after work with people from the community.

Dating Websites

Jim started going on different dating websites to find love. Whether it was Tinder, OkCupid, or Match, he wasn’t finding what he was looking for. He thought maybe he was asking too much in a new relationship, but he knew he wanted his next relationship to be one for marriage.

He found many needy people who didn’t meet his expectations. To be fair, Katie was gorgeous. She worked out, had an athletic body – a tall, volleyball player body. From a physical perspective, she was the perfect knockout woman. Jim thought he could find that same type of woman & love on dating websites.

Jim went on a few dates, but nothing really clicked. He had great sex with the women he met, but nothing was sticking. He knew he was physically attractive & had strong conversation, but something was missing.

Lisa Ann Erotica

Jim is going to ask out the hot adult star Lisa Ann. Will she accept?

While he was out with buddies one night, he saw a billboard, among the thousands on the Las Vegas strip, about Lisa Ann.  Jim was always a fan of Lisa Ann & her porn, but he didn’t think much about going to meet her at the convention that was coming up. He believed in keeping space & figured that he was 26 & she was 46, so what would they have in common?

Jim went home, and didn’t think about it again. As he was getting ready to watch some TV & go to bed to get ready for work, he saw a commercial for the adult expo that was coming into town and Lisa Ann was a featured adult star who was going to sign autographs & take pictures. Jim felt it was a special sign that he needed to go & check out what was going on.

Lisa Ann – Porn Star

Jim, like most men, was very familiar with Lisa Ann & her career. He would go on Pornhub, XVideos & other sites to watch some of her work, along with others. He always knew that he could watch her videos, get a massive hardon, and two-hand his cock to cum if Katie wasn’t around. Katie never knew that he watched porn; he would have clips & scenes on his smartphone he could watch in the bathroom or in the car.

Through different stories & interviews that Lisa Ann had done over the years, he knew she was single. She retired to go into sports & become a force in fantasy sports, which Jim was a big fan of as he grew up loving the Lakers, Dodgers & other Los Angeles teams, including USC sports.

Jim looked into some of the topics that would be discussed at the AVN expo. It was noted that she would be open to talk about sports & other topics even outside of just her porn life. While Jim loved watching porn, he didn’t always do well with speaking about it in public. Of course, having a hot girlfriend, there wasn’t much need to talk or think about it with Katie, especially early in the relationship.

Jim was getting laid enough that porn was the furthest thing from his mind. But that had changed & he needed a way to get that hot load of cum out. He needed that release at the end of the day, especially with work  & relationship stresses. Jim could take five minutes, find a good Lisa Ann porn clip, rub out one & be relaxed.

He knew he could go meet her, so he got the ticket to the event. $50 dollars later, he was definitely going down there.

But how was he going to make this really happen? How was he going to talk to one of the most recognizable adult stars in the history of the business?

Meeting Lisa Ann For First Time

Jim got a room at the hotel where the expo was going to be at. He knew traffic was crazy & he wanted to be one of the first people at the event. He got a very small group of flowers to present. Nothing over the top, but just as a peace offering.

His clothes were perfectly creased & pressed. He was going to look very GQ & stylish to meet someone who was only a fantasy just a few weeks ago. It was important to Jim to do something to make himself stand out a bit. Many of the fans there were going to drool & trip over themselves meeting Lisa Ann and other stars. He didn’t want to come off odd, but just as a guy asking a beautiful woman on a date.

(Chapter 2 Tommorow.)


Teacher Porn Available at Porn City XXX

Top quality teacher porn videos are available to view now at Porn City XXX.

This has been a subject that has been touchy in most of the mainstream media lately, but in the porn world, its fun. It is the idea of teacher/student sex.  Most of the world thinks this is terrible to talk about. Many people feel as though it is the most disgusting thing ever. Some feel it is just a violation of all that is good in education.

Do you watch teacher student porn?

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Here, its one of the hottest taboo fetishes around. Many of the top studios in porn, including BangBros, Naughty America & others, have many teacher videos. Typically, the teachers are the top adult stars in the industry – the leads in the scene. Young guys or guys who are on the rise are the students being taught.

Why Teacher Porn Is Hot

Teacher porn in adult videos goes on the idea that everyone had that teacher they thought was hot. Many of the teachers now are going into the profession at a young age, right out of student teaching. The students, particularly in high school, are going through the time of puberty, & bodies are changing. Most times, that means that the sexual desires are going completely out of control. The students want to bang almost anything walking & an attractive teacher gives the fantasy.

Brooklyn Chase Teacher Porn

The beautiful Brooklyn Chase is featured in several teacher porn scenes available at Porn City XXX.

In teacher porn, the students are willing to do whatever it takes to get the grades up. The teacher makes a deal for the students to have some hot sex & if its good, the grades get higher. While yes, this is terrible in the real world, especially in today’s age, there is a group of people who do watch this & think, “why weren’t these teachers around when I was younger?”

Male teachers & female teachers are seen as untouchable by many students. They are seen as the ones with the power, and students will do a lot to get ahead. Typically, the students who really try to go after the teachers are the ones who are either 17 or 18 (depending on the state you live in).

Studios That Offer Teacher Porn

The most well known studios for teacher porn are Naughty America & Brazzers. Both of those have some of the hottest styles of teacher & student sex scenes available. Top stars featured include Julia Ann, Lisa Ann, Nicole Aniston, Phoenix Marie, Sara Jay & others.

This post is not to say that we condon underage relationships, because we don’t. That is absolutely wrong & those who are go to that level should not be employed.

It simply talks about the idea that porn understands the major issue going on here. If a student is 18 & older, why not make a run at the teacher? The interesting part of it is that it is a type of relationship that is very prevalent in today’s culture, but social media has opened it up much more than it would have been in the past.



BLACKED Full Scenes at Porn City XXX

Recently, the team at Porn City XXX  made some major updates to the video website. We are proud to announce that we have full videos from one of the top interracial porn studios online – BLACKED. This studio brings out some of the most sensual interracial porn scenes online.

BLACKED Interracial Porn

The BLACKED studio features sensual, interracial scenes with some of the hottest porn stars in the industry. From Kendra Sunderland to Brandi Love, this studio brings out the best in the adult world. The scenes are shot in a very erotic, cultured feel. The lighting is always solid & has much more of a movie feel with solid storylines.

Porn City XXX features over 30 full BLACKED scenes available for viewing on the video site. The scenes are around 30-40 minutes in most cases, and will leave people wanting more. These scenes typically start off with a very elaborate layout, leading to the bedroom. The scenes move slow, but also with a great purpose.

Many people compare these interracial porn scenes to a version of Fifty Shades of Grey. Difference being that the fetish part is not a part of the equation.

Here are some of the featured scenes available at Porn City XXX in the category. More videos will be added over time.

BLACKED – Brandi Love – I Couldn’t Help Myself

Brandi Love

Sexy Brandi Love is featured in this hot adult scene where she could not help herself to some black cock in this XXX scene from Blacked.

In this scene, legendary adult star – Brandi Love – takes some serious black cock. She realizes her husband is away on a trip & no matter what, a woman like her can’t be taken forgranted. Furthermore, she was in dire need of some serious sex while he is gone.

Brandi Love sees one of her stepdaughter’s friends around & makes a move on him. When when a guy see a chance to be with this beautiful woman, no one can resist. When it is all finished, he has made major moves all over her.

BLACKED – Samantha Saint – No More Games

This scene shows people that even with having luxury, there is that desire for hot sex. Samantha Saint had that life. She has the rich husband, nothing to worry about in terms of financial burdens like many others. Furthermore, she knew that she had nothing to ever concern herself with that could put her comfortable life in danger.

Blacked Samantha Saint

Samantha Saint loves her husband, but needs more in the bedroom. In this BLACKED scene, watch her let her guard down & take on some BBC here in this interracial porn scene at Porn City XXX.

However, at a fundraiser, she connected with a young, rising R&B star. She had a few drinks & once that was completed, the inhibitions went away. However, Samantha experiences something that she hasn’t had before in this 40-minute scene. Most importantly, she gets the true desires out of her system & knows what it is like to be with a true, hung guy.

Blacked – Evelyn Claire – Our Little Secret

Evelyn Claire had an intense secret. She wanted her boyfriend’s roommate badly. She kept it under wraps for a long time. However, there were times when she couldn’t help herself when she would see him & his body. Furthermore, she had a good feeling that he could keep the situation quiet.

Blacked - Evelyn Claire - Our Little Secret

Evelyn Claire shows her love & hot desire for her roommate’s friend in this BLACKED interracial porn scene at Porn City XXX.

After staying the night with the boyfriend, Evelyn goes down the hallway to the roommate’s bedroom. She sneaks in, explains herself & he agreed to stay quiet. Furthermore, this BLACKED scene takes the dirty little secret to a whole different level. However, it means she may not use her boyfriend’s penis the same way again.

BLACKED – Ashley Fires – Right At My Fingertips

Ashley Fires always kept her head on business. Unless there was a client that catches her eye, then its becomes personal. No matter what, it was known that Ashley was professional & would do well by the company. However, her sex drive sometimes took over & things happened to make things interesting.

Blacked - Ashley Fires

See what happens when business becomes personal. Ashley Fires goes to see a client on behalf of her media company. When business is complete, she lets her feelings known in this BLACKED interracial porn scene at Porn City XXX.

It was clear that Ashley was going to get her fantasy to come true. Having a big black cock put deep inside of her. In this BLACKED scene, you see that entire fantasy becomes a hot reality.

BLACKED Interracial Porn Library at Porn City XXX

This category features hundreds of videos from this studio library featuring the hottest adult stars around. Moreover, there are videos of all lengths available that will satisfy that interracial porn desire.

More will be added as time goes on, but we want to know if your are a true fan of the BLACKED studio & want to see more of their content here.  Furthermore, it is important to us to know what our fans enjoy so we can keep giving the best content online.

Do you enjoy BLACKED Interracial Porn?

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Bella Bellz – Porn City XXX Star Of The Day

Today’s featured star is one of the hottest adult stars in the game today – Bella Bellz. This Georgia girl is tatted up pretty much all over, which is already hot.  Not to mention, her ass moves is one of the best anywhere in the game.

Does Bella Bellz Have The Best Ass In Porn?

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Her tricks that she can do with her ass are absolutely legendary. Very few women from any ethnicity or style can do even half of the things she can do with her ass. The big thing is that no normal guy can handle that. Even the best of adult stars have to make sure they are really on their A game to make sure they don’t cum instantly when fucking Bella Bellz.

Bella Bellz

Bella Bellz is one of the hottest, sexiest women in all of porn. Her ass alone makes her an instant legend & the tattoos adds to the insane hotness.

Where You Find Bella Bellz

Her videos are a bit all over the place. Definitely professional work, but you can see her through Reality Kings, BangBros & other spots. Her work is definitely focused in the interracial & just huge cocks categories.

While most websites have about 80-90 results for her videos, the videos that are available will make you watch again & again.


FILF – Porn City XXX Featured Studio Of The Day

FILF has come on in the last few months & instantly became one of the top studios around. The studio talks about situations were step family members may hook up. FILF stands for “Family Id Like To Fuck.”

The videos & studio base content on the idea of what if someone could hook up with a stepsibling? Many people find this taboo, but thousand of people do it more than people realize. On Twitter, there are many profiles & sites dedicated to step family sex.

FILF Family Porn

FILF porn has come on strong as one of the top adult studios in the world because of the taboo nature of step family porn becoming so intriguing & popular.

For the last 1-2 years, top videos available on XVideos & Pornhub have consisted of a strong amount of family porn. FILF has been one of the leaders in this category. While it has been around for years in just occasional scenes in Naughty America, Reality Kings & others, FILF is one of the few studios to base their whole brand around this type of sex.

FILF Features Amateurs & Professionals

This studio features not only top professionals in the industry. Many of the top videos have stars, but there are just as many with amateurs.  It gives the website a variety of different looks for the viewers. However, if stars is what you are looking for, top performers available include Julia Ann, Leah Gotti, & Raylene.

Have you ever had sex with a step family member?

View Results

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Allure Of Step Family Porn

This type of sex has been around for ages. For years (and to this day), there are so many jokes about the south & inbreeding that supposedly goes on in this area. What has happened is that studios took those ideas & really expanded on them. If a young person sees a hot stepmom & stepdad who is hot, the thought is that since there isn’t blood relation, everything is okay.

The taboo side of doing things this way is what gets people watching. The fact that it is frowned upon so much gets people riled up & turned on. The element of danger when having a sex escapade is completely there in family porn.

See much more of the FILF videos at the Porn City XXX Porn page.


Dating MILF & Cougar Women – Part 2

As we talked about yesterday, dating a MILF woman can be a rewarding experience. The women know what they want, very few games, and typically make amazing sex partners.

When thinking about dating a MILF or cougar woman, really have a conversation about the situation.  What type of conversation should that be? We will delve into that in this article.


MILF & Cougars Know What They Want – Make Sure Wants Match Up

In many relationships, when both people don’t know what they want, it can lead to breakup. This type of dating is no different. If you both aren’t in for the same reasons, there is going to be miscommunication. Of course, the miscommunication will lead to problems & eventually a breakup.

If you are both involved just for dating & fun, make sure you both know that. Cougars know they can get any guy they want because they have the confidence. The level of confidence that most MILF & cougar women have is normally much higher than a guys because they know they can attract any guy. Men, even though there is sometimes a hardcore bravado, don’t have the situation that easy.

Again, the dating doesn’t change much. The situation might be different, but communication is actually going to be far more important here. There are some cougars who are looking for a true younger love, which might be great if you are one of those guys who is really ready for love. There are some who just want to date & have sex when they want.

Both are okay, but again, just make sure both are on the same page.

Are you currently in a relationship with a MILF or cougar?

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Don’t Forget Chivalry On a Date

Guys, remember that if you are dating someone, it is still dating. The rules of dating still apply. There is still a courtesy to open doors, pull out chairs, and at least offer to pay for a dinner or a date.

Many MILF cougar women normally have their own money and don’t have a problem paying sometimes. That’s fine, but it is still good practice before you go into a dating situation to have your money together, or if you can’t pay for something, maybe suggest a date that may not be as expensive to the wallet.

One of the great parts of dating older women is that they truly value love, time together, and having comfort. If you are up for making a homemade dinner, having a movie night & having a great conversation, that could be a tremendous date already.

But if you are going out, just remember to be a gentleman, always. No matter what. (Quick edit – don’t be a dick and bring up age all the time. It could be uncomfortable and if you are thinking about it, it could make her think about it and it might be awkward).

MILF Cougar

Many hot mature MILF or cougar women have the same sexual drive that young men have, so don’t be afraid to be open about what you might want to try. You just might get more than you bargained for.

Start Off As Fun, But Could Be More

Let’s say you start off meeting on a site like a Tinder or another type of quick dating site. Maybe both of you are thinking that you will meet up for sex. The sex may become regular. You become close but you know its going to be just fun.

In some cases, there is a spark that can’t be denied. People want love no matter what. Even if someone has been scorned over, there is still the desire for love & tenderness. MILF & cougar women get this very well. Many are nurturers  – teachers. They will be open to showing off fun skills & tricks, as long as the guy is worth it.

If a  guy is a douche, he is going to be a douche. He wouldn’t be worth the time anyway for dating anyone. If the guy is a good dude, and wants to try something different, or has been hurt too many times by younger women, the fun could lead to something more, quite possibly a full relationship.

Many times (not all), if a guy has a job, no drama, and possibly his own place, he won’t have a problem taking on a relationship. In personal experiences, the situation has been that the women didn’t care if there was a job (always have had one), kids (none, whew) or other superficial things happening. Love & togetherness conquered all. Courtship was important. Truly showing they were beautiful & appreciated was important.

Just remember to keep your mind open to all possibilities.


Reality Kings – Porn City XXX Studio Of The Day

Reality Kings has been around for over a decade, and established themselves as a true power when it comes to MILF & teen porn.

The studio features over 5000 videos & tons of adult stars. Some of the performers featured include Anya Ivy, Brandi Love, Julia Ann, Mia Malkova, Phoenix Marie & many others. Most Reality Kings content focuses on hot women who are voluptous in shape.

Reality Kings

Reality Kings is one of the top adult studios online, with top sites such as Mom Bang Teens.

Much of the content focuses around women who can definitely work their tits & ass on cocks & in lesbian scenes, on pussy.

Reality Kings Studios & Websites

There is a good chance you have seen Reality Kings content through looking at various adult websites. The company features over 46 different studios in their collection. Here are the studios:

  • Moms Bang Teens
  • Teens Love Huge Cocks
  • We Live Together
  • MILF Hunter
  • RK Prime
  • Moms Lick Teens
  • Money Talks
  • Big Naturals
  • Monster Curves
  • Round & Brown
  • Pure 18
  • 8th Street Latinas
  • In The VIP
  • Cum Fiesta
  • Bad Tow Truck
  • CFNM Secret
  • First Time Auditions
  • Mike’s Apartment
  • Captain Stabbin
  • Euro Sex Parties
  • Big Tits Boss
  • Team Squirt
  • MILF Next Door
  • Hot Bush
  • Flower Tucci
  • Street Blowjobs
  • HD Love
  • Happy Tugs
  • 40 Inch Plus
  • Extreme Asses
  • Tranny Surprise
  • Dangerous Dongs
  • Real Orgasms
  • Top Shelf Pussy
  • Mega Cock Cravers
  • VIP Crew
  • Cum Girls
  • Extreme Naturals
  • Saturday Night Latinas
  • No Faces
  • Wives In Pantyhose
  • Bikini Crashers
  • Girls of Naked
  • Mike In Brazil
  • See My Wife
  • Sneaky Sex

As you can see, this studio is packed with high quality, fun videos, & many of the studios are available now at Porn City XXX.


DraftKings NFL DFS Quarterback Picks – Week 6

Along with talk of porn & such here at Porn City, we will also take a look at sports – daily fantasy that is. The cultures seem to cross over quite a bit – many porn watchers are sports fans & vice versa. We have staff that is very familiar with the daily fantasy world as well as former writers at DraftKings, so we will enjoy breaking down fantasy each week.

Our main focus will be DraftKings plays. With the new formats in DFS this year, we will break down contests in the classic & pick-em styles, as both are different. This post will break down the classic, salaried format.

DraftKings NFL DFS Picks – Quarterbacks – Week 6 – Tom Brady Injury

There are solid QB matchups this week that could lead to some big points coming out. Obviously, the big discussion will be focused on Tom Brady. Brady injured his shoulder recently, but New England Patriots officials say that Tom should be ready to go against the Jets on Sunday. That said, Brady has had to carry the load for a team that doesn’t have the weapons of the past.

His TE, Rob Gronkowski, has been having nagging injuries pretty much his whole career. This year is no different. When he is on the field, Gronk is a monster, but without him & Julian Edelman (out for year), the Patriots are very ordinary. Brady has had only one game this year with under 300 yards passing (Week 1), but he has been sacked more in 5 games this year than he was all last year.

The offensive line has not protected him, and with his weapons becoming dimished a bit, teams are blitzing more. This is not always a bad thing in fantasy, however. With the increased blitzing on Brady, he will be able to match the one-on-one situations better and get the ball out fast.

The part that will make some fantasy owners in DraftKings a bit nervous is that the Jets defense is playing much better than last year. Most experts thought the Jets were going to be a last place team needing a QB. All of a sudden, the Jets are 12th in the league against the pass, & are allowing an average of only 211 yards per game.

DraftKings NFL logic would say to stay away from Brady here. But because of the injury being on his non-throwing shoulder, Bill Belichick could create a strong gameplan to allow Brady to be in shotgun & play-action situations much more. No matter what the plan will be against the Jets, fantasy owners need to think about the weak offensive line getting pressure on Brady to at least rattle him.

DraftKings DFS Deshaun Watson

Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson is a solid play this week against a weak Browns team.

DeShawn Watson Should Be In Last Week As Value Pick

Last week was a terrible week for the Houston Texans. They lose their two top defensive players, J.J. Watt & Whitney Mercillus, for the season. Team loses to the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs.

However, the bright spot, and possibly the biggest bright spot in the NFL & in DraftKings DFS is DeShawn Watson. The former Clemson first-round pick is coming off of a five-touchdown performance against KC in a shootout loss.

Watson has shown his ability to run & pass well, and keep his team in games. He has shown to be a strong playmaker, and a good leader on the field & off. Houston is taking on the Cleveland Browns this weekend, a team that is in the lower-third in the NFL in pass defense.

With that said, Watson is a solid fantasy play at $6,700. At some point, teams will get some good film on him & he will need to adjust his game a bit. But right now, he is playing out of his mind & the Browns look to be in a situation where it will be another season of being terrible.

The combination of Watson & DeAndre Hopkins should do well against a weak Browns secondary.  He takes care of the ball well, as he has 9 touchdowns to only 1 interception in his last two games. Don’t expect another 5 TD performance, but don’t be surprised if he is responsible for 2-3 TDs on Sunday.

At $6,700, definitely worth a play in a GPP.

Drew Brees & Matthew Stafford Are Pick’Ems

Both quarterbacks have been in offenses that have always focused on the pass, first. For Brees, his offense is undergoing a massive change with the team trading Adrian Peterson to Arizona this week. While Peterson didn’t really put up serious numbers, he could be a solid decoy to at least make teams come down in the box to possibly need to stop the run.

With no AP & a running game that still isn’t strong, Brees will go back to throwing a lot. His numbers have been down this season so far with only 1 game over 300 yards this season (vs Patriots defense ranked 30th in the league) but he has 8 touchdowns with 0 interceptions. The 0 interceptions is key because typically when a QB throws as much as Brees does, interceptions come with the territory because of defenses being able to 7-8 into coverage and take away over the top plays.

Matthew Stafford has basically never had a consistent running game during his whole career in Detroit with the Lions. The Lions, themselves, haven’t had a great runner since Barry Sanders retired – in 1999. The Lions, however, have had a bit more consistency with the run in Ameer Abdullah running a bit better as he starts to come into his own a bit. Offensive Coordinator Jim Bob Cooter has instituted more balance into the lineup, and that has helped Stafford a bit.

Stafford has a high passing game of only 292 yards (Week 1), but expect him to be much more in shotgun situations this week going against the 28th ranked pass defense in the NFL in New Orleans. The Lions pass defense is just as bad, being 27th, so Brees could be an option too.

If the home field means something, go with Brees. Mark Ingram & Alvin Kamara may get an uptick in touches rushing the ball, but coach Sean Payton will most likely lean on who & what he knows the most in this situation – Drew Brees throwing 50 times & seeing what happens.

Brees at $7,200 is a good play. Stafford at $6,500 is a great play also.

Other positions coming later today.


Interracial Porn – Allure, Why Its Fun, Reflects Society

On most porn sites, there are a basic set of categories already set up for fans to watch content through. One of those basic categories is interracial porn.  Interracial porn has been around for years & years, pretty much since porn was invented, but it is much more open now.

Many of the most popular niche websites are interracial. The scenes mostly show black guys having sex with white or Asian women. The allure of it comes down to the fantasy that the women are getting bigger dicks & better sex from black guys than their guys at home.

But really, what are the types of interracial porn out there? What are the hot scenes & styles of it? Does it talk about something in society that is taboo, even in 2017?  This blog post will talk about all of those things & we give our overall opinion of why this has blown up.

Interracial Porn

Interracial porn is one of the hottest niches in the world. Many of the top adult stars have filmed interracial scenes to popular acclaim including Julia Ann, Lisa Ann, Kendra Lust & others.

Exciting Parts of Interracial Porn For Women

Every one wants to be sexually satisfied. No questions about it. Most women, at some point or another, have discussed the idea of either being incredibly satisfied sexually or her guy can’t perform the way she wants.

Where the interracial side come in is the idea or myth that black men have bigger penises than white guys, Asians or Hispanics. This is talked about quietly among many ladies, and many look to try it. For most, they may not have the opportunity to sleep with a black guy because of relationships, geographics, etc., but the fantasy is there.

The fantasy of possibly having a guy who could be about 8-10 inches long absolutely pounding her pussy again & again. Not only just doing that, but also being insanely romantic & also strong and dominant while doing it.

That idea makes the videos unique & intriguing. Most times, when someone watches porn, they put themselves into the scene mentally. Having that mental picture gets them to the point of no return when it comes to having a hot orgasm when watching a scene.

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Bigger Penis – Better Confidence

One of the top ideas of guys who have a massive cock is that they have a quiet confidence. Many men who are smaller have to over compensate for that. Many times its through being bigger with cars, money, house, etc. They feel that they have to do something to keep women interested if the sex falls.

Guys who are packing heat in their pants don’t have to act that way. They know they can dominate in the bedroom, and don’t have to brag about what they have. Guys who have the size & power in the penis know that the right woman will be able to feel it and they will know for good.

The belief is that black guys possess that confidence. Many women, either openly or secretly, feel that black guys have that swag & confidence to really make the sex exciting a fun. More about less talk & more action.  The fantasy of a strong guy dominating a woman through picking her up or just throwing her on the bed & just having a hardcore session is enough to get most women going.

Popular Interracial Porn Studios To Look Out For

On sites like Porn City XXX, XVideos, Pornhub, & many others, there are so many studios that produce quality interracial porn scenes. Top studios are seeing major dividends from producing these scenes. They reach out to both men & women. Interracial scenes touch on a still taboo thing in the United States, especially in middle America.

Those reasons noted, some of the top studios who do a solid job with interracial porn scenes include BLACKED, Bang Bros, Reality Kings, MomsGoBlack.com, & much more.  In this genre, there is also a big allure of amateur interracial scenes that get people curious. The amateur work can be even more exciting because the average person can relate to the style and what the sex would truly be like.



Kendra Lust – Porn City XXX Performer of the Day

When it comes down to hot MILF scenes, no one is better in the industry right now than Kendra Lust. She has been in the industry since 2012, but has become arguably the top adult star in the world of porn.

In the 5 years that she has been in the business, she has won several awards through AVN & XBiz. Most recently, Lust won MILF Performer of the Year & Hottest MILF (Fan Award) at the AVN Awards. Lust’s style along with her sultry ways during her scenes shows that she knows exactly what young guys look for in porn.

Kendra Lust

Kendra Lust is today’s Porn City XXX performer of the day. Find many Kendra videos available here at Porn City XXX.

Where To Find Kendra Lust Porn

On Porn City XXX, several Kendra Lust scenes are featured from top adult studios. Studios such as Brazzers, Pure Mature, Reality Kings & other top companies have realized that Lust is one of the best active MILF performers in the world.

Before getting into the adult world, she obtained a BA in Nursing & worked as a nurse for several years. She left that world for more fame & financial gain in the adult industry.

Some of her top works includes her parody of Kim Kardashian, her work in BLACKED, and her hot mom/stepdaughter scenes.

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